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Hands-Free Control

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Unique Voice Match

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Remote Communication

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Do It Faster with voice

  • Navigating, clicking, triggering shorcuts, is repetitve and painfull.
  • Assigning a list of commands like actions, navigation and functions to a single key word, allows you to focus on the creative part of your job.

"Black background"

  • Selects the layer labeled "background"
  • Triggers action 2
  • Selects black color from palette
  • Fill layer in black using paint bucket tool
logic pro navigation controller

Hands-Free Control

  • Never lift your stylus!
  • Enjoy seamless access to your favourites brushes and colors from the palette.
  • Create new objects, layers, masks.
  • Extends the pen buttons click options.

For example, say :

  • "Magenta" - (selects color "magenta" from swatches)
  • "Silhouette" - (selects layer "silhouette")
  • "Clipping mask" - creates a clipping mask on selected layer
  • "silhouette mask gaussian blur 15%" - creates a clipping mask or select existing mask on layer "silhouette" and apply a gaussian blur with 15% opacity
design with voice

Unique Voice Match

  • Speak out safely in open working spaces.
  • Voice Commander analyze your voice print.
  • Our model will continuously learn from you to become the best possible personnal assistant.

Busy and noisy workspace

  • Because Voice Commander build a blue print of your voice, your co-workers won't be able to interact with your personnal assistant.
  • Use-case: Mark, you collegue sitting next to you says to Micheal at the other end of the office "Just clip it and copy into a new layer Micheal!"
  • Even if you have a voice command named "New Layer", Voice Commander will know this was not coming from you and won't take action.
adobe audio to text

Remote Communication

  • Voice Commander just needs a microphone, either from you computer of your smartphone.
  • The smartphone remote allows you to control your application from anywhere.
  • Let's imagine you're at the printer and then realize something went wrong during the export. No need to get back to your computer, just tell voice commander to modify the export settings, and make a new print.
adobe audio

a word to do it all

Microphone Input

Voice Commander listens either through system preferences selected input or your smartphone microphone

Swift Performance

Lightweight application designed to work alongside logic's most demanding algorithms

Clean working space

No hardware required

Background processing

You can hide this application during work for an unintrusive work experience

Accessibility over network

Talk to Logic through your smartphone, compatible with the earphones Microphone

Increase productivity

Delegating extensive work to Voice Commander shortens the production timeline

Access voice commander from your smartphone

Swap your desktop microphone for your smartphone, and control the adobe products remotely!

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Adobe voice commander

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